Monday, January 25, 2010


I am not talking the medical ones but the ones that we think we need to create art. I took a workshop and the woman always made her eyes with either a circle template or a knitting needle gauge. I started to do the same because she was using one I should too. (The same thought that has lead to a lot of books on writing but writing that lost something in the process)

Then I found something interesting from when I showed horses in Dressage comments on perfect my circular formations were. A light bulb went on- if I could make perfect circles on a horse above the ground in forms larger than I could easily see why couldn't I just draw a circle. Oh my circles are circles and no template needed.

Once again someones instructions changed how I did things. I grabbed on to a crutch thinking it made my art better. What it lead to was the inability to create art without it.

I still have my circle template but it is now a tool I have should I need it rather than a needed tool to do anything.

What is your art crutch?

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